Patient Reviews

Paula Freed

I am a retired RN, and have had degenerative disc disease for over 12 yrs. This has caused me a great deal of pain in my lower back. Unable to walk or do any of the normal everyday activities. I volunteer at the Shriners Hospital for children and was having to give up the one thing I enjoyed most in life. After being referred to Dr. Henry for decompression treatment, I have felt the best I have felt in 12 yrs. Able to return to volunteer work. Dr. Henry has the most extensive knowledge of the nerves and bones of the body to explain just what treatment is needed for a patient. I have the most trust and admiration for his professional opinion and I am walking proof of what he has recommended for my back and neuropathy in my feet. If you follow what he asks of you, chiropractic wellness benefits your whole well being. Thank you and may you bless everyone you touch.

Rosella Smith

My life is better. My whole outlook is better. Every time I come its something new! I'm happy after finishing decompression therapy!

Keith "Goose" Moncrief

Back and leg pain are gone and I'm back on the racquetball court.

Catherine Page

I feel better than I have felt in 5 years.

Alan South

Recovery from 16 mm disc herniation without surgery! I'm glad I got here! From crawling to standing!

Lacey Hampton

I avoided back surgery. I went from a 10/10 pain scale to a zero most of the time.

Karen Fisher

For 15 years I have had pain, which hindered daily activities not to mention the depression the pain caused because of the chronic never ending aspect. All this stemmed from an auto accident, arthritis and scoliosis. All is Dr. Henry handled and kept me walking. As three years went by the back developed more problems from age. Dr. Henry suggested the new state-of-the-art spinal decompression machine, ice, and cold laser treatment. Six weeks later I can again walk my dog, play in the yard (work) and feel like a human being again with zero pain. Yes, zero pain. At first the suggestion seemed "maybe" and "expensive". Now... How can one possibly put a price on being pain-free! Thank you, Dr. Henry and staff! You listened, you cared about my pain, and you encouraged me to follow through all with positive, uplifting experience. I am so grateful words cannot express how thankful I am. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Ernest Dodd

Pain 80-90% improved with decompression!

Wynetta Stewart

Back pain decreased 80% with decompression. Anyone with real serious back pain should come see you!

Nancy Black

I went to Dr. Henry with lower back and hip pain. The pain was so intense in July of 2012 that it was affecting my daily activities and my sleep. The pain had become unmanageable. Dr. Henry did an x-ray and sent me for an MRI. The results were that I had moderate L4 - S1 chronic degenerative disc disease. I also had a bulging disc. Dr. Henry recommended the Disc Force Treatment. I began the treatment and immediately found relief from the pain. I still see Dr. Henry for adjustments for a hip injury that is unrelated to the disc issue. I also periodically have a Disc Force Treatment to decompress the disc in my spine for maintenance. I recommend this treatment to anyone I felt that I was at the point of having to have surgery and the Disc Force was a much better option. Thank you to Dr. Henry and the staff for their help and compassion during my treatment.

Pat Pearson

I just want to thank you for saving my life. I was scheduled for back surgery when I saw your ad on TV for spinal decompression and after six weeks of decompression therapy I feel great!

Robin Thomason

I have had chronic pain since I was 13 years old. It's gotten worse over the last five years to the point of not being able to walk. Dr. Henry took the time to get a proper diagnosis, explain the problems I was having and reasons why - I fractured my back 20 years ago and the vertebrae shifted and now I have a spondylolisthesis. Dr. Henry recommended Disc Force spinal decompression. It is wonderful to be able to wake up and not be in pain. I still have to be careful and I do have some pain but to be this pain-free is so worth it. Thank you! Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and friendly and I recommended this practice to my friends and family. Dr. Henry has seen two of my three children both suffered from headaches and both of experienced great relief.

Jennifer Danigel

No pain for the first time in 10 years! I highly recommend Decompression with Dr. Henry.

Dianne Lee

When I came to Dr. Henry, I was unable to stand without my lower back and hips aching. After six weeks of treatment with spinal decompression I am pain-free. It is wonderful to be able to stand without holding the arm of the chair to ease my standing.

Dan Kidd

20 years plus in pain. Now doing great! I am able to stand at the kitchen sink.

Norma Ward

I am 70 years old. I have arthritis in my back and hips. This is been very painful for a long time and made it hard to walk. Since I have been going to Dr. Henry's chiropractic clinic my pain is almost gone so I can have a better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Henry.

Kim Seiler

Dear Dr. Henry, I can honestly not thank you and your staff enough!! I live in Switzerland... Every time I return to Greenville, you can be sure, I will be visiting your office where I know I will receive "first class treatment"!! So thank you again!

Rhonda Kaiser

Numerous treatments (with a file to prove it!) have taken the pain and stress out of my neck from years of stressful teaching!

Eric Williams, retired pro baseball player

At 46 yrs. of age, Dr. Henry helps keep me in top, athletic shape.

Mindy Lamb

I'm 100% better than I was 6 weeks ago. I'm not waking up numb or feeling like I'm on fire and I'm actually sleeping again. The stretches have helped limber me up a lot. I would highly recommend you to anybody!

Jason Shenton

I avoided surgery. The key is to be persistent.

Randall Arnold

Dr Henry and his decompression machine really helped me. I came in here in a lot of pain. Now I'm pain free with 90% of the strength back in my right arm.

David C Freed, Master Sgt. US Army

Having suffered from extreme neck pain as a result of a herniated disc for several months, I am pleased to report that decompression has helped me recover from the pain significantly. I can now function normally as a result of this noninvasive treatment which is a much more desirable option than traditional neck surgery. I highly recommend disc force to all those maybe contemplating surgery. It really works!

Mary Townsend

I just know I am taller since I met Dr. H. My pain was unbearable and after having steroid injections for years I found Dr. Henry. He has been a blessing in my life. I am finally active as I should be!